Traditional phone systems still have grasp on the future

Telephone communication, while seeming like a outdated technology, is still used by businesses around the world. The increased functionality of mobile devices and cloud offerings seem to be pushing the traditional phone system toward an early grave, but some experts are now saying that VoIP will still be a factor down the road.

Ovum – an IT research and development firm – released the results of a new survey that found the death of the telephone is a bit exaggerated, though it will be evolving. According to the study, $479 billion or nearly 7 percent of voice revenues will be done via VoIP by 2020.

“Where operators have seen voice telephony as a service without a future, they have chosen to compete on price in an effort to eke out any remaining revenues from the market,” says Jeremy Green, principal telecoms strategy analyst at Ovum. “However, taking such a pessimistic view obscures some important commercial realities and opportunities in the voice telephony market.”

According to the research into the “Future of Voice,” while overall investments in the technology are still dropping, voice traffic is shifting, not going extinct. Complete collapse is not likely, but the long-term trend is gearing itself towards unified communication options. Traditional companies are becoming more flexible in their reactions to the treats to revenue streams and coming up with countermeasures.

As technology advances, telecommunications are seeing a number of innovations make their way into offices. However, traditional solutions are not going away and many IT departments are looking for ways integrate the old with the new into a complete set up. Companies in Ohio that are looking improve their unified communication strategies would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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