two people communicating and collaborating

Unified Communication and Collaboration Go Hand-in-Hand

Unified communication (UC) is a solution that has been gaining ground in the IT world. UC is generally defined as a selected combination of communication tools assembled into a single interface. These tools greatly assist enterprises in shedding light on internal inefficiencies. By doing this, businesses can effectively fix weakness to create a more connected, productive and efficient organization.

To provide a more practical grasp of these tools, a proper package of unified communication and collaboration products usually includes:

  • Email and voicemail
  • Voice and telephony
  • Web, audio and video conferencing
  • Real-time communications
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Instant messaging

With unified communication tools from PRO OnCall Technologies, here are a few ways your business will benefit:

Integrated Experience

Unified communication presents a cohesive and consistent experience by combining email, mobile, voice, web and real time communications among employees. This can also happen externally with clients. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy communication and collaboration that is much simpler and easier to conduct.

Better User Experience

With UC, you don’t need separate tools for each person anymore. Now, daily routines for each employee will be facilitated by a unified system. Time and money normally spent on individuals can fuel more important tasks instead, such as business expansion or IT budgeting.

Increased Business Productivity and Collaboration

Traditional communication tools tend to be messy and inconsistent, forcing employees to spend more time learning different tools and neglecting their actual tasks and responsibilities. Unified communication tools eliminates this, allowing your staff to work together through a variety of channels to be more efficient and productive. On top of that, every employee will be easily accessible for any information at any time, or work remotely if there’s such need.

Lower IT Costs

By integrating various communication channels into a single platform, the chance of risks or common error becomes less. When you have an managed service provider like us, we’ll make sure to constantly maintain your tech and make sure it’s always running smoothly. This will save you a lot of costs by reducing the hefty prices that come with tech damages and breaks. By implementing and using unified communications and collaboration tools, your team can focus instead on more important things such as finding and implementing new business technologies.

In conclusion, unified communication and collaboration tools tend to rapidly revolutionize business communication processes by providing a flexible and well assembled set of tools so your business operations can run smoothly. By making collaboration simpler, you’ll free a lot of time and energy for every employee to focus on their core responsibilities.

We have plenty more examples of how incredibly beneficial unified communications can be for collaboration. Want to learn more? Get in touch!