Unified communication solutions have lasting affect on operational efficiency

While the financial benefits of a VoIP and unified communication solution tend to be the main topic that decision-makers discuss, productivity should be a close second. The ultimate goal of any new technology system is to streamline operations, which is just what upgraded communication tech will provide.

A recent Network World guest column highlights the operational efficiency that unified communications solutions bring to the table. The piece mentioned that companies have experienced direct and tangible savings that can reach up to 75 percent of their current phone and equipment costs. However, the increased productivity has a larger long term-term impact.

The article also featured a case study of The Rose Group—one of the largest restaurant franchises in the U.S. With a unified communication solution, the company was able to remove 99 percent of facsimile machines, reduce fax administration time from two hours to 15 minutes a day, cut paper use by 800 sheets a day and reduce phone system management from 30 hours a month down to one.

"Before using unified communications we didn't have the technology we needed to communicate as quickly as we wanted to," Christine Hicks, director of administrative services at Rose Group, told the news source. "By using unified communications features we are now connected and able to respond in real time to customers and employees. We are able to run our business faster, smoother and with more consistency."

Any company can also experience these benefits by partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in VoIP, cloud and unified communication solutions.

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