Unplug while staying connected, and other benefits of VoIP

The way that people communicate with each other is changing. Advances in technology have made it possible to be connected to everyone you know at any second, all from a device that fits in the palm of your hand. This has led many companies to look for ways to increase their communication solutions.

A recent article from Resource Nation looks at the advantage of VoIP services, the obvious and the less so. Megan Webb-Morgan dives into a number of different benefits that can be experienced.

“VoIP phones offer all of the features of PBX and other complex phone systems at a fraction of the cost, and often come with features unheard-of in landline systems,” wrote Webb-Morgan. “You can listen to your voicemail in your email, utilize call diversion, call presence, and call recording, and partake in conference and multiparty audio or video calls with ease.”

Cost efficiency and mobility are benefits that have been touched on a number of times but automated call statistics are not. A VoIP setup allows employers to keep better track of what their employees are doing on the phone by monitoring daily, weekly and monthly call activity.

One of the other, more timely benefits, is emergency recovery time. Keeping a phone system on a hosted VoIP server protects businesses from losing communication possibilities during a disaster like a hurricane. If an office is unreachable, phone calls can be transferred to a laptop or mobile phone. On top of that, if a VoIP solution is then partnered with the cloud, all of a company’s data is available from wherever employees are forced to work.

Companies in Ohio that are looking improve their telecommunication system would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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