Using 5G in your in-building network

Data usage has continued to grow at a tremendous pace over the past few years amid growing technological demands. The introduction of 4G LTE had proliferated voice calls, streaming media, and many other broadband services. The possibilities with 5G are far higher thanks to its multi-Gbps speeds. The higher capacity of 5G means that, in contrast to 4G, even when data usage increases with the connection of multiple devices, the speed remains unaffected.

5G networks represent incredible opportunities for businesses and building owners. Equipping a building with 5G will enhance existing applications and open up new and innovative uses never seen before. Though incorporating 5G into in-building networks is advantageous in many ways, it is not without its complexities. The implementation and maintenance of this new technology will be complex, and property owners will need to seek expert telecommunications advice.

The potential of 5G

A white paper by CISCO states that 80% of mobile data usage is indoors, which covers mainly home and work environments. Many factors can contribute to this usage. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic being has led more people to stay indoors and work remotely, putting extra strain on networks.

As 5G is being rolled out in the United States and many other parts of the world, we already see how it can transform telecommunications. It is predicted that 5G wireless connections will increase exponentially from 10 million connections in 2019 to more than 1 billion in 2023.

This latest generation of networks uses high-frequency radio waves to deliver speeds far faster than anything we’ve seen before. For individuals and businesses, this means lightning-fast internet access on their cell phones or through wireless devices. There is also the potential to support cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR, and self-driving cars. For building owners, using 5G technology opens up a world of possibilities to improve current operations and establish new and innovative applications for the site.

Opportunities for property owners

5G technology offers building owners a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to receive wireless services. Organizations working in a building need data for their employees, customers, partners, contractors, and visitors. These demands continue to grow as organizations adopt the latest technology, coupled with an increase in remote and flexible working arrangements.

By providing better and faster services that meet these growing demands through a 5G network, building owners will satisfy their tenants and attract new ones, therefore generating more revenue. The 5G network can also boost efficiency and reduce the costs of existing telecommunications systems in the building. For instance, video surveillance circuits can become part of the 5G networks instead of remaining independent, making them more manageable and cost-effective.

Challenges with in-building 5G network

Installing and maintaining 5G networks requires infrastructure capable of delivering a seamless, uninterrupted, and smooth flow of services. To this end, building owners should consider the following:

  • Preparation for the effects of state-of-the-art technologies like IoT which will see a proliferation with the implementation of 5G data speeds.
  • Technical aspects such as specific antenna configurations and spectrum considerations different from that of 4G, as well as mechanical and electrical installations and modifications.
  • Compliance with new regulations for 5G.
  • The requirements of a multiple carrier setup and approaches including bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies.
  • Readiness to adapt or upgrade to future technologies made possible with the advent of 5G.

These challenges do not outweigh the benefits by any means. They do mean that building owners should not go it alone when installing a 5G system. Partnering with an expert will allow them to manage these risks and implement the system in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

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