Vast amount of VoIP options can overwhelm business decision makers

Understanding the benefits of a new technology can be a challenge. As solutions hit the market, many vendors try to monetize them and the sheer number of options and features can become overwhelming. Small businesses that must be careful with every investment can become confused with the abundance of options on the market which leads them to keep their money in their pocket and continue using legacy systems.

This has been seen in the VoIP phone and unified communication solution industries. Once internet-based communication became a viable and cost effective system for personal and business use, a number of telecommunication providers started adding the features. Being bombarded can cause decision-makers to shut down.

A service provider in New Zealand has issued a challenge to local businesses to take a leap into VoIP and experience the benefits of the system like voicemail to email, auto-attendant, call forwarding, conferencing and so on.

"The company regularly encounters customers that don't understand VoIP and how it can massively slash the cost of business telephony," the press release for the challenge said.

While an open challenge may be enough to encourage some businesses to invest, a smarter move may be to partner with an IT consulting provider that understands the ins and outs of a VoIP phone system. This gives business decision-makers an experienced resource to handle all the questions that come along with implementing, maintaining and investing in a new solution.

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