Imagine: You just held a productive and highly informative meeting.

However, many of the people who were supposed to be there were forced to miss it – they either had a scheduling conflict or were unable to show up at your location.

As a result, they missed out on a lot of vital information.

PRO OnCall can provide you with the video conferencing services you need to eliminate this issue, improve productivity, and enhance your communication process!

We’ll help you get set up with the innovative video conferencing services you need to ensure that you, your employees, and your clients can communicate effectively, regardless of timing or location.

You’ll be able to record your meetings and events to watch later, stream your meetings live for remote employees, and even embed live and recorded videos on your social networks. The videos can be viewed on a tablet, computer, or smart phone – all you need is an internet connection!

Let’s work together to streamline your communication and make your meetings as stress-free as possible with video conferencing services. Contact PRO OnCall today to get started!