VoIP phone systems already set for the future

The use of business VoIP phone systems has already cemented its place as a key tool of the corporate world. This has been the result of a shift over the last few years, as well as the evolution of support technologies like cloud computing, mobility and wireless networking.

According to a recent article from Memeburn, the culture for telecommunication companies is offering VoIP services. While traditional phone systems are still holding on, the future will rest in internet-based phone systems.

A report from Telegeography cited in the report mentioned that the global VoIP market grew 25 percent in 2011. By comparison, traditional phone systems only grew 3 percent.

"The wheel is turning, and a brave new era of VoIP is taking shape," the article reads. "Ironically, while the traditional telcos continue to dominate telephony, because they control the physical infrastructure, they are the johnny-come-latelies of the new converged world of telecoms."

The piece mentions that organizations making the shift can be a complicated process. It requires several systems to be working at top speed to create the high quality unified communication solution that organizations are looking for.

VoIP providers offer proactive response, voice prioritization, call access control and self-healing survivability. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that has the expertise in offering secure, quality and reliable IP services, any business can start taking steps toward installing the new age system. This will allow organizations to walk through each step of a deployment and understand how it works.