VoIP technology a key tool for small and midsized businesses

There are a number of different business technologies that have been moved up the priority list. One that is making headlines is the use of VoIP phone systems to improve business communication.

A recent White Paper released by Compare Business Products takes a look at why VoIP technology has become so in demand, especially at small and midsized businesses. The report features several case studies of how the communication solution has been used as part of a disaster recovery plan following Hurricane Katrina, helped a startup car dealership save time and hundreds of thousands of dollars and was used as part of an airline call center.

This is just the beginning of what VoIP technology can do to help companies be more effective.

"VoIP has given small companies communication capabilities that can match the largest users," the report reads. "When interfaced with suitable software, VoIP allows a degree of in-call processing that increases the productivity of operators several times over. The ultimate in the VoIP experience is switching over to cloud based VoIP servers that adjust the number of instances automatically depending on load. As a result, costs are minimized and customer throughput is increased."

To implement these solutions, it can be a smart step for small and midsized businesses to partner with an IT consulting firm that specializes in the technology. This is an especially effective approach for companies that lack the internal tech knowledge to properly manage a VoIP system.

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