VoIP technology key for the future of business success

For as long as the concept of business has been around, communication has been a key to success. However, as the mindset of consumers has evolved, the ability to stay connected to a customer base has become increasingly important.

These were some of the thoughts expressed by Alex Desberg, the sales and marketing director at Ohio.net, in a recent interview with Smart Business Cleveland. He mentioned that with smartphones, the cloud and quality VoIP systems, it is as possible for employees to be as plugged into the office from a beach while on vacation as it is if they were sitting at their desk.

"Telecommunications is a 100-year-old technology," Desberg said. "Things have changed, and now it's more important than ever for customers to get through to businesses quickly and effectively."

He went onto talk about how evolving telecommunication technology can help the most tech savvy CEO or a mom and pop business owner that shuns all "new school" methods improve their company's efficiency. A unified communication solution can help interactions with customers that have short attention spans and expect instant feedback.

A VoIP phone system can also be valuable for businesses that are growing. Any small company that finds itself in need of new office space or an expanded operation will face roadblocks with a traditional phone system that are not present when an internet-based solution is in place.

With the help of an IT consulting firm that focuses on VoIP systems, any company can implement these solutions and improve efficiency.

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