Where is the future of business communication taking us?

If you needed to reach out and have a conversation with a fellow employee, how would you go about it? For most of us, it would be walking over to their desk, making a quick call or sending an email. However, as the office culture has changed and more employees are working remotely or with mobile devices, these traditional systems lose their effectiveness.

A recent article from Wired examined the unified communication landscape and looked into what the future would hold. The article mentions that there are more than 60 million business landlines in the U.S., meaning there are that many employee identities. That is why landlines can never truly go away, which is why upgrading systems and incorporating mobile devices is a growing challenge.

All of this has led to a crossroads in the telecommunication arena where all of these systems are coming together to create a new process that is more effective than anything before. What will come out of it is a new system known as "bring your-landline-everywhere."

"The marriage of mobile devices and cloud will continue to transform the enterprise, and merging cloud and business landline phone numbers is a logical next step," the article reads. "This combination will truly take business mobile messaging to the next level — not to mention help you to close a few business deals in the process."

Combining the cloud, business VoIP phone systems and text messaging solutions are part of the unified communication future. This is where an experienced IT consulting firm that manages all of these systems can become a valuable resource.