Why every small business needs VoIP

Small business owners need to use everything at their disposal to stay competitive, especially against larger competition. While they don't have the deep pockets to stand toe-to-toe with industry leaders, they do have the brains and a number of tools to keep pace. One of those is a VoIP phone system.

A recent White Paper released by 8×8, Inc. laid out the reasons why every small businesses should deploy a voice over IP communication system.

"By doing something as simple as choosing a VoIP phone system, you can get superior phone quality and powerful features at a fraction of the cost of an old‐fashioned phone system," the report reads. "Think of it this way: Are you still typing letters on a typewriter? Of course not. Why? Because technology has made it so that there are better alternatives."

The report went on to say that by using a VoIP phone system, users have access to traditional features like caller ID, voicemail, call waiting/forwarding/transfer and automated attendant. On top of that, there are a number of advanced features like a hosted service and call routing, virtual trunking, online meetings, easier scalability and mobile integration.

Implementing a VoIP system can be challenging. Thankfully for small business owners there are experienced IT consulting firm that understands the challenges of such an operation and can help tailor a unified communication solution to your specific needs.

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