Why unified communications make sense for growing businesses

Communications are key for virtually any organization. While there may always be unavoidable snags in a particular business operation, the Enterprise Phone Systems Buyer's Guide, published by qualitative market research firm Focus Research, reports that 50 percent of customers purchasing business phone systems cited reliability as crucial when selecting what provider and program to deploy.

However, it was also noted that 73 percent were unaware of the various features of different enterprise phone options and service providers.

As such, it is important for organizations considering service providers to do their research and choose an organization that can provide both reliable and scalable options that will meet the particular needs of a business model at any given point in time.

This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that require a flexible communications infrastructure that can accommodate frequent growth, extra employees and additional technology.

As it is put in a recent press release on the best solutions for securing a fast ROI on tech investments: "In growing companies, the imperative for a reliable and scalable system is compounded. When companies add locations, they may or may not use the same communications system at each site. IT loses oversight and employees lose productivity as they grapple with disparate systems. Similar effects happen when employees use personal collaboration tools on their mobile and remote computers, a growing phenomenon known as consumerization."

One of the best ways for businesses in Ohio to avoid communications problems often encountered by growing companies is partnering with a Cincinatti IT consulting firm that can provide unified communications solutions.

By integrating core communications processes (text, video, file sharing, voicemail, phone) under one platform with one service provider, the technology will require less maintenance and be able to generate a quick ROI as huge time and energy savings will manifest.

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