Why VoIP is beneficial for small businesses

For small businesses and startups, every decision can have long lasting effects. For instance, if a company spends a large chunk of its IT budget on a certain infrastructure that turns into a financial quagmire, that could become the last decision that an organization makes before closing its doors. It is because of this that every small company must be careful with every dollar that it spends.

There are some solutions, however, that every company should start adopting. A recent white paper examined the different ways smaller businesses are able to save money through the use of a business VoIP system.

The study called out traditional phone solutions as having limited features and higher cost than its internet-backed version. Because of this, more businesses are looking to upgrade.

"Small businesses are migrating to Internet phone systems that deliver advanced communication features over a broadband Internet connection," the report reads. "In fact, a recent survey showed that small businesses are leading the charge in this shift, with 70 percent of these purchases coming from businesses with 30 or fewer phones."

According to the report, there are six main ways that small organizations can benefit form the use of VoIP. They include:

  • Eliminating maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Easily manage features
  • Lower monthly phone bills
  • Avoid long distance or international charges on mobile devices
  • Enhanced productivity through advanced features
  • Consolidate telephone and conferencing services

With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in deploying a business VoIP system, any small company can gain a hand with implementing these solutions.