Why VoIP makes sense to convey corporate professionalism

With advances in mobile technology, businesspeople can conduct virtually all of their important business functions from a smartphone or tablet. However, while new applications are constantly coming out affording the same processing capabilities on a mobile device as traditional corporate networks, most companies still consider a business phone system necessary to convey an appropriate sense of professionalism.

When considering what service should power a business phone system, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is no longer a viable solution. Requiring multiple hardlines to accommodate the volume of incoming calls, POTS is an antiquated system that forces business officials to deploy different service providers for different locations, creating a mess of disjointed phone lines and bills.

By contrast, Voice over IP (VoIP) business phones solve these problems by offering voice solutions as a service that can be easily upgraded or downgraded rather than contract systems that trap users in a web of frustrating hardware repairs and updates.

"Five or six years ago, we didn’t even have [VoIP] on the radar," said VoIP expert Alex Desberg in an interview with Smart Business – a strategy, insight and news resource for corporate executives. "Most people thought that VoIP would just replace landlines. Now companies have field teams that are armed with smartphones but still need a VoIP system so that they look like legitimate enterprises, rather than giving everyone's cell phone number to do business."

Moreover, with sophisticated call forwarding capabilities, business users can still use their cell phone to undertake their daily responsibilities under the guise of an official corporate number.

For companies in Ohio that want to retain the credibility and cost-efficiency afforded through VoIP telephony systems, consulting with a Cleveland phone company offering 24/7 service and support is a great way to undertake the transition.

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