More businesses using project based IT support

If a business was to decide its time to update to a business VoIP system or a cloud computing service, there are several steps that need to be taken before the solution can be implemented successfully. One of the most important involves having the right skill set in the IT department to make it possible.

Unfortunately for many organizations, this can also become the most complicated part. Each technological innovation brings with it a unique knowledge base. This is where many IT decision makers must decide between hiring a full-time employee or partnering with an IT consulting firm to find an answer that would handle this one specific task.

Project-based options are becoming the norm. Recently, IT staffing firm Mondo interviewed more than 200 technology executives and found that 48 percent respondents plan to use a temporary solution instead of hiring an internal employee over the next 12 to 18 months. On top of that, 32 percent reported to having increased the IT budget for this specific purpose.

Another study cited in a CIO article found that more CIOs are proceeding with caution. They would rather use a known commodity that has a track record fo success instead of hinging their bets on a new worker.

By using a short-term solution, businesses are able to acquire the high knowledge base that is required to implement and manage the systems successfully. Partnering with an experienced IT solution provider helps companies deploy a number of solutions both now and down the road with ease.