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5 trends in the telecom industry

This is an exciting time for the telecom industry, with rapidly evolving technologies emerging and working together to transform their service. But what are the biggest trends and how can they benefit your business? Here’s what you need to know.

Transitioning to a total cloud platform

The process of cloud migration involves a lot of technical logistics and business planning. For any business to take full advantage of enterprise cloud solutions, the transition has to be flawless, efficient, carefully orchestrated, and guided by specific requirements.

How telecom data drives real-time business efficiency

Telecommunications is the exchange of information via a wide range of electronic technologies. It generates telecom data that provides business owners insights for growth. Company owners can better serve customers, acquire new vendors, and network with other companies on a global level.

Telecommunications in healthcare amidst a pandemic

The way we provide healthcare is changing rapidly in light of the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we’ll explore the role of telecommunications in healthcare in more detail, particularly the lessons we can learn from the current global health crisis, for both during the pandemic and beyond.

The Best Strategies for Purchasing VoIP

A quick online search and you’ll be inundated with a colossal amount of information about Voice Over IP (VoIP) phones systems. We’ve come with four strategic tips that’ll help you decide on a state-of-the-art phone system that works for your staff, your business, and your clients.

5 benefits of a modern telecom solution

Modern telecom solutions represent an incredible potential for businesses in 2020. The right telecom solutions can help businesses to work better internally, to provide better customer service, and to save time and money, all contributing to improved business performance.