4 Reasons ShoreTel Phone System is Better Than Your Current Phone System

Based on VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol) technology, ShoreTel Systems uses IP based telephone handsets, desktop and mobile communication applications as part of your Unified Communications (UC) service. ShoreTel uses your current IP network to bring you carrier-class phone transmissions flawlessly. Having been built to the standards of highly advanced call control designs, the system delivers call management operations to smart gateways that can live anywhere in your IP network. If you’re not using it yet, here are 4 reasons why ShoreTel is better than your current phone system:


  1. Less Cost

By choosing the ShoreTel phone system, your costs will be lowered in several ways. First, there will be no need for purchasing hardware such as routers, switches, off the shelf phones and servers. Second, there is no need to pay for major upgrades or the cost to replace your system completely because it no longer meets the needs of your company. ShoreTel keeps you up-to-date on the latest technology appropriate for your company as it thrives. Third, you will save on long distance calls that need to be made to associates overseas, since ShoreTel routes these calls across the IP network. Finally, by using a single, integrated system, your costs are reduced for installation, service and support, network infrastructure, ongoing management and training, application development and WAN connectivity. The entire VoIP system can be managed across multiple locations by your IT staff via the ShoreTel Director interface.


  1. Scalability

The vast majority of businesses are looking to expand. As your company grows, you will need your communications system to be able to support your needs. With ShoreTel’s single image architecture, the VoIP system has been purpose-built and can easily and quickly grow and scale across a number or sites, including across the US and globally. ShoreTel can support up to 10,000 users and 500 sites, within one solution. Instead of upgrading to an entire new system, which some providers may make you do, all ShoreTel does is add switches to sites to increase capacity.


  1. Voice Quality

ShoreTel has a latency of a mere 64 milliseconds across an IP WAN, outperforming other vendor systems. If you choose another seller, they will all go over the toll quality limit of 100 milliseconds of latency. These results are based on independent tests, and prove that with ShoreTel you will get the best voice quality for your UC phone system.


  1. Simplicity

ShoreTel’s UC phone system has been designed to be simple. It needs only one single central server, and software is set up through a console with a single browser base. Self-configuring VoIP phones make getting started infinitely easier for your IT team. ShoreTel can be utilized with less training than competitors and much quicker, saving time and money.


Any adds or moves that need to be done by an administrator can be done instantly via one, single web-based interface. The system is constantly updated as new users are added to your network, and it is available on-line. The voice switches for ShoreTel can be set up anywhere they are needed on the IP network. Users will love the desktop graphic user interface that provides one in-box for all e-mails and voicemails, and comprehensive call management that eliminates the need to sift through time-consuming phone prompts and menus.