Cloud computing helps expand work from home systems

For some time, the ability to work from home was only for those who were in business for themselves. Most of this had to do with the fact that technology didn't allow it or made it cumbersome to do so. For example, as a salesperson, if all of your client information was saved on a company server only accessible through a hardwired computer, there was no way to do that job from your living room.

However, as technology has evolved—with email, web and cloud based software and database systems, business VoIP systems and mobile devices, to name a few—company data is no longer where the server is, but rather were the Wi-Fi is.

A recent article from The Guardian features interviews with several industry experts answering the question "how is cloud computing enhancing our ability to work anywhere?" Many different ideas were tossed around, including improved collaboration, lower hardware costs and leveling the playing field.

"Cloud computing impacts mobility (working wherever you like) by making it available to companies large and small," Mark Deakin, a technology strategist at Microsoft, told the news source. "Video conferencing is a great example of something that previously was only available to large organizations with big IT budgets. With cloud computing, small organizations can also use video conferencing, allowing them to compete with their larger cousins on a level technology playing field."

Successfully deploying a cloud infrastructure can be complicated, even for tech savvy companies. Cloud consulting services can make this implementation easier to manage from beginning to end.