Cloud helps organizations improve testing

There can be a long road between the idea process and the proof of concept. It gets even longer when companies try to move even further and adopt the idea into a company wide solution. To make matters worse, if this is in the technology field, the systems that started the idea could be replaced with newer models when it's time to actually roll it out..

Because of this, organizations that are looking to adapt and test new operations need to move quickly if they want to be successful. According to a recent InformationWeek article, this is where cloud computing can come into play.

The piece features an interview with David Roberts, the senior director of solutions marketing at BMC and a cloud expert. He mentioned that the self-service provisioning features of the cloud enables groups to test business ideas and discard those that don't work quickly. This increases the turnaround time for testing and improves the rate in which new ideas can be rolled out.

"Have you ever heard of the marketing director who came up with a crazy idea on the way to work? The cloud enables small groups to create 'fast transits' and execute wild ideas faster," said Roberts. "Giving them an advantage when the process turns up an effective business response to a challenge or launches an initiative unexpected by the competition."

Testing with the cloud requires organizations to have a deep understanding of the system. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes cloud consulting services, any company can take steps toward improving operations.