Cloud options complete UC benefit promise

The draw of implementing a unified communication (UC) solution is obvious – seamless integration of voice, video and data access across multiple platforms and devices. The benefits would seem to be strong but implementation of the new system has been slow across the board. The down economy mixed with a hard to prove return on investment have caused enterprise IT to have an underwhelming UC turnout.

A recent article from NetworkComputing examines the slow unified communications adoption rate and wonders whether or not it is the future of the solution resides in the cloud.

According to the article, the inclusion of cloud technology has bolstered the ability for providers to meet the promised benefits that unified communication options offered from the get go. Cloud options also bring the option of hosting services, which some providers offer. Companies can have a cloud-based communication system where they do not have to worry about managing servers and the additional costs that come along with it.

“Cloud UC doesn’t really provide IT with any additional benefits or capabilities that traditional UC didn’t,” said Blair Pleasant, the president and principal analyst of a telecommunication consulting firm who was interviewed for the piece. “What it does is make it easier and faster to deploy and stay up to date with the system.”

Businesses in Ohio that are interested in deploying a hosted cloud solution would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm. Some providers, like PRO onCall, have their own data centers to offer complete solutions.

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