Cloud skills moving up the demand list for IT departments

Cloud technology has steadily been rising up the list of IT priorities over the last few years. As the solution evolves and reaches a number of different areas of business, the demand for employees with that skill set in reaching a fever pitch. From mobile devices to disaster recovery back-ups to information sharing, the cloud is changing how many companies handle business operations.

In a recent article from the blog ReadWrite, John Paul Titlow examined several of the most in demand IT skills for 2013. Near the top of the list is the need for cloud technology.

“Of course, SaaS and PaaS (not to mention whatever-else-as-a-service) can utilize any number of specific programming languages and technologies (more on those below). Suffice it to say that if a given skill helps companies utilize cloud infrastructure or virtualize any aspect of their computing needs, it’s in high demand,” wrote Titlow.

He went on to say that the cloud computing craze is still going strong. Job openings that are related to cloud technology are growing but the skills gap is making it harder to find the right talent. A ComputerWorld study found that 25 percent of companies are planning on hiring people with cloud-related skills.

Despite the demand, many companies are not able to hire additional talent because of the costs that go along with it. Instead of that, companies can turn toward an IT consulting firm that can help offer a hand in a number of cloud-related solutions.

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