Cloud upgrade an opportunity to improve system operations

There are many different ways that companies look at cloud computing. While everyone recognizes that can be perceived as merely a buzzword, some see it as the next generation of technology infrastructure and they need to jump on the bandwagon now, while others are still skittish of the technology and the security concerns and are being cautious.

However, for those thinking outside the box, upgrading to the cloud can mean an opportunity to improve overall operations. That is the idea that Bankim Tejani expressed in a recent column for InformationWeek when examining the shift to the cloud. He sees the cloud as a way to re-think and re-design information security and risk management to improve business agility.

"Cloud computing offers a unique change in managing information systems: the use of automation," Tejani wrote. "While most look at automation as the cornerstone of cloud computing's cost savings and efficiency, automation is equally valuable, if not more so, for information security and risk management. Looking at today's security problems, the landscape is littered with methods that are largely manual and disconnected."

He added that a successful approach here combines the existing processes and practices along with the next generation solutions. This creates a powerful combination of systems that creates an environment in which security requirements and cloud systems are enforced in a prescriptive and proactive manner.

Making these changes can be complicated. This is where technology consulting services that have experience with cloud computing solutions, can help any organization deploy these systems while upgrading other operations as well.