Examining the risks of cloud computing

There are countless topics that are discussed by nearly every business decision-making team. One of the most important to the current IT discussion is the use of cloud computing infrastructure and solutions.

As with any technological innovation, there are inherent debates around risks versus rewards. Businesses are able to improve backup and recovery solutions, connectivity and data access, all in an attempt to expand operations beyond the office walls. However, there are also the security concerns that can turn many businesses off.

Recently, an article from Property Casualty 360 highlighted this debate. It also makes the case that 2014 will be a tipping point when it comes to making more complex decisions about moving more data into the cloud and keeping it secure.

The main concern is that with more information migrating to the cloud, companies of all sizes are also painting a large target on their back. In this new age of cyber crime, thieves are better able to hack in remotely. Because of this, organizations need to make a security a top priority and even consider buying insurance for company data.

"The cloud is a growing technology that evolves every day," the article reads. "While it can deliver significant bottom line benefits for many companies, growing cyber theft concerns require commensurate action. Businesses must implement appropriate tools and processes to prevent security and privacy breaches and choose a cyber insurance policy to protect themselves should a breach still occur."

With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in cloud computing, any organization can take steps toward having a secure virtual solution.