FBI proposes VoIP surveillance law

VoIP technology has been a growing company tool for the better part of a decade. The ability to make calls through the internet is cutting costs and connecting the world. Businesses of any size have been benefiting from the technology.

As with any phone system, there are security measures that need to be taken. Making sure no unwanted listeners are on the line is something IT departments need to take into consideration. However, a new law currently being pushed could have solution providers building in a way for someone to tap in.

According to a recent article from David Goehst – a contributor for the tech blog Technorati – the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has drafted a proposal that would grant them the ability to survey VoIP communication. This would require VoIP phone services to alter their code to make make sure the products are wiretap-friendly.

The bureau has been pushing for new ways to gather information on criminal activity through wiretapping suspects that are using VoIP services, according to article. On top of that, the CEO of a VoIP service provider who was interviewed in the piece said his company would cooperate with authorities to avoid a “futile resistance.”

As with any mention of FBI surveillance and wiretapping, there is a fear of the Men in Black listening to everything you say and recording it for future use. because of this, there is sure to be some public outcry and conspiracy theories galore.

“Since many will scream their privacy is being violated, look for this mandate to take much longer than FBI executives would like,” wrote Goehst.

Time will tell if the FBI gets their way.

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