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The History of Technology: 4 Milestones from 1990 to Today

Technology has developed so rapidly in recent years, it’s hard to choose which are most significant. By taking a look at the two and a half decades we may be able to get a good idea of where things may be headed. Here is a small list of 4 major technology milestones between 1990 and today to help you get and idea of the recent history of technology.

The Development of the Home Computer

Back in the year 1990, computers were just becoming small enough to be marketed as laptops. This was the very first step towards mobile technology as we know it today. Once computers because portable it became possible for companies to conduct business outside of the office. Students had the advantage of working from anywhere. Today, the majority of our technology has been made portable. It would be hard to image life without mobile technology!

The Creation of the World Wide Web

In 1992 we saw the very first release of the World Wide Web. The internet back in those days looked a little different than the internet we use on a regular basis, but this was the first time we say home users hopping online and finding websites. By 1993 the internet was hosting around 130 websites. Around 1995, we saw the very first instance of businesses developing websites.

The Evolution of Google

Around the year 1998, Google began to become recognized as a pioneer in the field of internet technology. They opened several work locations, and began growing the business that today effects almost every single company.

Today, if a client wants to learn anything about a business they “Google” them. If a company isn’t on Google Maps, well then they might as well not exist! Thousands of businesses exist today with the sole purpose of creating websites for companies that rank well on Google. Google has become the cornerstone to internet marketing, regardless of what field you are in.

The Advancement of Wireless Communication

Wireless internet connection initially emerged in the early 1990’s but it wasn’t until around 2000 that wireless communication became popular. In 2003, wireless internet was finally incorporated in home computers when Intel added it to their Centro chip.

Where would we be now without Wi-Fi? It is expected that when you check in to a hotel they will have wireless internet. In 2003, 6,000 hotels across America had began offering Wi-Fi. Almost every house is set up with wireless. Wireless internet isn’t just for computers anymore – we look to wi-fi for our phones and tablets as well.


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