IT experience a key to company success

The movie "Gravity" won the weekend box office, taking in $55.5 million in domestic gross. It focuses on a pair of astronauts—one rookie with book smarts and one grizzled veteran—dealing with a catastrophic series of events that puts their lives in danger. All the knowledge that is required to preform a space walk, does little to help the newcomers, and it is the calm demeanor and experience of the vet that pushes them towards survival.

This is a movie plot—rookie and veteran— that has played out countless times in a number of settings, but one thing remains constant, experience is needed for success. It doesn't matter how well you know the book, putting that knowledge to work in real life is a different story.

This idea can be used in a number of different fields. With the way that the IT landscape is evolving and growing in importance, it is crucial that every IT department has the required skills and experience in place to run it successfully. That is the argument IT executive Jeremy Lesniak made in a recent column for Tech Page One.

"I have noticed, in every case, that the more experience individuals bring to their positions, the more successful they are," Lesniak wrote. "In fact, someone with a great deal of classroom education and little practical experience will have the most difficulty adjusting. They find they have to do a great deal of 'un-learning' in order to adapt."

This should also be used when trying to answer IT challenges. Instead of trying to find a young book smart talent to enter the professional world, companies should partner with an experienced IT consulting firm.

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