Midwest tornadoes show importance of disaster recovery

Last week, this blog talked about the dropping temperatures and why businesses should revisit their disaster recovery plans. This is something that every organization needs to be aware of and proactive about when it comes to deployment. As the tornadoes that swept through the Midwest this weekend shows, there is no reason to wait.

A recent article from Data Center Knowledge examined some of the most recent innovations in disaster recovery solutions. The biggest topics in IT circles have aspects to them that make for a perfect component to remote backup systems. However, the data center should become a key element to it for success.

"Cloud computing, data replication and virtualization all play a major role in the disaster recovery and business continuity discussion," the article reads. "Still, the evolution of the data center and new types of resources requires administrators to take a look at their strategies and see where they can improve further."

The piece goes on to mention that business continuity and disaster recovery, while similar, are different structures with different objectives. This is why IT departments need to have a designated plan for backing up data.

Organizations in Ohio should be looking for Cincinnati or Columbus data services to help improve their disaster recovery plan. Just setting one up and hoping it works down the road is asking for trouble, which is why company decision-makers need to be on top of data solutions at all stages. An IT consulting firm can walk through these steps and manage the solution.