U.K. business leaders come out in support of agile workforce

The idea of a more flexible working environment that would allow employees to access important business data from any place with an internet connection is becoming a more important feature for many employees. If a recent letter to the Telegraph is to be believed, it is a growing concern for many business leaders as well.

The leaders of 22 different companies were represented in an open letter written to the U.K. newspaper that not only announced the creation of the Agile Future Forum (AFF) but also stated that the competitive advantage gained for business and the economy are real. Agile working examines how employees prefer to work and can help businesses create a program to capitalize on that.

"Our companies and organizations differ in size, sector and location, but we share a common view that workforce agility is generating significant and tangible financial benefits for our businesses," the letter stated.

The letter went on to say that even though 96 percent of businesses are now offering some form of agile work experience, there is still a slightly negative feel to the term from an employer standpoint. Executives feel that employees are the only ones benefiting from work from home policies, which simply isn't true. By offering the agile option, employees can become more engaged and produce better work.

For these kinds of processes to be in place, however, the right innovations need to be present. These include things like the cloud and a VoIP phone system which an experienced IT solution provider can help implement.

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