VoIP managed solution market becomes more complex

When it comes to the business landscape, one system that every organization needs to have is communication. Many businesses have partnered with solution providers to try and optimize how they connect with companies, vendors and customers. However, there is a new buzzword phrase that is gaining steam in these arenas — Voice over IP, better known as VoIP.

A recent article from ITWeb examined the telecommunication landscape and how the business VoIP system has evolved from an outsider option to an industry standard in the corporate world. The piece cites a Gartner study from September that found unified communication systems have matured sufficiently to be considered mainstream. Companies of all sizes are able to reap the benefits of these systems.

"This characteristic has created a playing field ripe with opportunity for the smaller providers to tap into a business market keen to save costs using the latest Internet-based technology, but that does not require the full suite of unified communications services," the article reads.

The piece also features an interview with Rob Lith, an executive for a South African telecommunication provider. He mentioned that there are a number of features that organizations need to consider when deciding to deploy a VoIP phone system and knowing which components are vital for success.

This can play a major role in what solution provider organizations choose as a partner to provide their VoIP systems. The right IT consulting firm that specializes in business communication systems, can help any organization easily implement these systems and take communication to the next level.