VoIP still the ‘future of calling’

There is a good chance that if your company has been in business over the last decade you have had an internal discussion about the possibility of adding a VoIP phone system to the office infrastructure. Whatever the decision of that meeting was is ultimately a moot point, because the interesting part here is that depending when that conversation was held, it could have looked very different.

In a recent blog entry for the Huffington Post, freelancer journalist Peetam Kaushik, examined how VoIP, much like the telecommunication market, has changed over the years. It is now very common when talking about an internet-based phone solution to discuss generations and previous versions of products, because the market is constantly evolving.

If a company made its decision on VoIP services four years ago and has never revisited this topic, there is a good chance the organization is missing out on potential savings. It is understandable that a business would not want to invest in something when it is “new and fresh” as it is also unproven. But to not give it a second look down the road is a disservice.

“Voice over internet protocol is the future of calling,” writes Kaushik. “Just like landlines and the telegraph machine, one day even SIM cards will demand their own spot at the technology museum. The internet has made the world truly global.”

Kaushik went on to say that VoIP is a highly cost-effective alternative to telephone calls. For any businesses that has never considered a VoIP phone system and those that have and passed, it may be a wise move to partner with an IT consulting firm to see what the latest generation of the technology can offer.

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