4 Benefits of Managed IT Support

There is no doubt that online technologies have made our personal and professional lives much simpler. Businesses of all sizes now use computers to handle their communications, inventory, payroll, marketing and all other critical aspects of the company. While IT streamlining has made running a company easier, the actual systems themselves can be complicated at times. Unless you happen to be an IT expert, it can cost you lots of downtime and money to hire an outside repair tech, who might not even be able to get to your problem right away. More and more businesses are turning to outsourced managed IT support to handle all their computer network and system needs. Below we discuss 4 benefits of managed IT support:

  1. Expertise

When you have an IT specialist in-house or on call, there is no guarantee that they will have the in-depth knowledge of all software, hardware, and the procedures that your business uses. Good, qualified managed IT support is made up of expert consultants that have the experience and skills to handle all areas of IT, from managing the server to specific company projects.

  1. Reduced Costs

When you hire and train an IT staff, the costs can be quite expensive. Often employees do not live up to your expectations and cannot handle your company’s IT needs. This means that when something shuts down or you have a problem, you may still be forced to deal with downtime while the employee tries to figure out the problem or if you have to hire yet another person to do the job. When you outsource to managed IT support, you will have a variable cost that is agreed upon based on your needs, so there are no surprises. The system will be monitored 24/7/365 so there is less of a chance that a major problem will occur. You can also focus your human resources to areas where they are most necessary to the growth of the company.

  1. Less Risk

Markets, federal regulations, competition, financial conditions and technologies can all change quickly, which is part of the risk that every business investment takes on. Your managed IT support provider handles and assumes most of this risk for you, because of their knowledge of industry specifics. Managed IT support is very good at avoiding risk in their areas of expertise.

  1. Top-Notch Security and Compliance

Online security is more important to a business than ever. Companies are now accepting many forms of payment, which include credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, e-checks and more. With the amount of breaches and hackings that go on, your business needs up-to-date firewalls, PCI security standards to be met and auditing of workstations and servers. This is often too much for a company to handle on their own. Outsourcing managed IT support means your company will be reducing the risk associated with credit card numbers, client data and other sensitive information. Your systems will be kept current with the latest in online security and PCI compliance as part of their services.


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