How Managed Services Can Revolutionize Your Business

Years ago, managed services were only available to large corporations. Fortunately, managed service providers now offer that same service to medium and smaller sized companies. Despite the benefits of using a managed service provider, some companies are still unsure if making the switch is for them. Smaller business owners who are not using managed IT services may be missing out on some serious benefits. Not only will making the switch prove to be beneficial, it will revolutionize your business.

What are Managed Services?

First, what are managed services? Simply put, managed services change the way that companies deal with technology on a day to day basis. Managed service companies charge you a monthly flat fee and in return they take over IT related aspects. By offering a flat monthly fee, the managed service provider assumes both financial risk and technical risk. The scope of their involvement depends on what you would like them to do, and the sky is the limit. The gist here, is that you are outsourcing your IT to a group of professionals who are experts at what they do.

Benefits of Proactive IT

Many companies function on a break/fix mindset. Technology is out of sight, out of mind… until something bad happens! Once something breaks, employees are disrupted and business is disturbed. Morale decreases each time a company experiences an IT related crisis. By delegating your IT infrastructure to an outside company, you no longer have to deal with being in crisis. In addition to damage control, managed service companies are constantly updating and upgrading. Managed service providers offer proactive maintenance. For business owners this means a significant decrease in the amount of down time. Less down time means less stress and increased production.

Transform Your Budget with Flat Rate IT

By using a managed service provider you are putting your business first. Your budgeting will be transformed as you will have a predictable monthly IT expense. This will allow you to redistribute resources and grow your business exponentially. By eliminating in house IT emergencies, employees will be able to increase production.

Improve Productivity

Most importantly, your managed service provider will be an extension of your own business. It is their job to understand your unique company needs. By working in alignment with your company goals and aspirations, your managed service provider will transform the way you do business.

Now that managed services are available to companies big and small, businesses of any size can reap the benefits. By working with your managed service provider you will be able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits and realize goals.