All businesses, regardless of budgets should invest in the cloud

The bottom line is going to play a role in just about any business decision. For many companies, a lack of funding is preventing them from adopting the latest technologies. However, some experts believe there is a particular innovation that no company can afford to overlook – the cloud.

David Linthicum, a contributor to InfoWorld, has a new piece where he covers how many educational institutes and governments are adopting the cloud and small budget IT needs to follow that lead.

According to a CDW Government study, 40 percent of K-12 schools are turning to cloud computing for storage. Decision-makers are also using a number of different features like conferencing and collaboration (36 percent) or productivity (33 percent). On top of that, many state and local governments are making the move to cloud computing at a faster rate than most Global 2000 enterprises.

"Considering that most school systems are underfunded, how they can afford cloud-based services? The truth is that they can't afford not to use these services, because cloud computing lets them get much more IT for the money," wrote Linthicum.

While many businesses will argue that they are not schools or governments, they do have similar IT needs at the user level. Features like storage, collaboration and office automation are needed by any organization and are all low hanging fruit in the grand scheme of the cloud.

Furthermore, Linthicum argues that it is the companies that have less money that will take to the cloud quickly and find the benefits faster than those that have stacks of money to spend on multiple different solutions at once.

In the end, cloud computing is gearing up for a major place at the business tool table. With the help of an IT consulting firm that is well versed in the cloud, any company can start taking advantage.

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