Apple announces new iPhone 5

Tech sites and junkies were abuzz on September 12 when Apple CEO Tim Cook – along with a number of company engineers – unveiled the much rumored iPhone 5 and upgraded iPod product line. There will be a number of features that consumers will be discussing around the water cooler for the next few days. Upgraded camera, LTE capabilities, A6 processor and new earbuds are sure to be talking points.

Businesses, however, are going to be looking at the iPhone 5 through a different lense – the effect it could have on workflow. Many companies are planning bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and the new smartphone is sure to be showing up in offices around the country as soon as its available for purchase. IT departments need to be prepared for these new gadgets. These devices do far more than just text messages and emails and have become as powerful as the computers employees use everyday.

Aerohive Networks released a new whitepaper that examines BYOD policy.

“Enterprises are not wasting any time taking advantage of BYOD and consumer device productivity enhancements,” reads the report. “The total number of Wi-Fi devices shipped in the enterprise will quadruple from 2009 to 2014. IT organizations are beginning to recognize that Wi-Fi is a strategic, primary-access platform for application delivery, instead of just a convenient wireless connection. Users are relying on their smart devices, together with public or private cloud applications, to access business-critical information anywhere, anytime.”

Implementing new technology requires much more than just a plug and play approach. Companies in Ohio that have BYOD policies or are looking to invest in one because of the iPhone 5 would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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