As landline use fades, VoIP grows

Like the days of rotary phones gone by, landlines look to be on their way out to pasture, especially as VoIP and wireless services continue to grow and innovate. Many homes and businesses are looking into their phone service and the latest numbers show internet-based phone options have a bright future.

A new study released by Axvoice dives into the current state of the phone market and where it is going. Looking at a six-year span from 2010 until 2015, the research makes some predictions about the future of voice communication.

According to the study, landlines were in 151 million homes and business in 2010. This figure is predicted to drop to 135 million in 2015, while over that same time frame, VoIP services will see a growth from 22 million subscriptions to a possible 66 million.

The reason people are making the switch to VoIP and wireless options is easy to see. The study points out cost effectiveness, outdated and unreliable copper wire technology and lack of portability as the top reasons businesses are moving away from landlines and looking into VoIP options.

Making a switch to VoIP also offers a number of other advantages including increased call quality, software support, flexibility of use and online account management. All of these reasons just add to the rising demand of VoIP services in the business realm and add credence to the prediction numbers.

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