VoIP call centers to integrate social media

Given the growing presence of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and a remote workforce, keeping employees connected is becoming harder. A new study shows that to cater to the mobile employees and their devices, VoIP call-centers are adding social media features to stay connected.

The report, "VoIP Call Centers Adapt to a BYOD World," is from independent research firm Heavy Reading. For the study, Heavy Reading looked at a number of companies including ShoreTel, and found that as employees use their personal and mobile devices for work related needs, they expect to be able to communicate in their prefered way, whether it be through voice, email, IM or a social media network.

"VoIP call centers have evolved from an infancy of simple interactive voice response units to complex communications platforms that enable customers to communicate with customer service through a variety of devices and networks," said Denise Culver, the author of the report.

Too often, the report found, service providers created separate applications for voice and other customer communication tools. By integrating social media, call centers are taking a step closer to a unified communications solution that will streamline communication across all platforms and devices allowing employees in any part of the business to be heard in their prefered way, while also cutting the costs that go along with the need for additional service channels.

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