Businesses need to lose control to embrace the cloud

For any IT executives that enjoy having complete control over internal solutions, it can be very hard to let go. However, as technology has evolved, many executives are being forced to relinquish their grip and put trust into outside services that are the smartest investment for their company.

In no place is this seen more clearly than in the ways that businesses adopt the cloud. A recent Cloud Tech article explained how cloud computing is forcing businesses to rethink control in the IT sector.

Jason Bloomberg, the author of the piece, mentioned that he is amazed at the ways that many IT executives look at the cloud and how they do not fully understand where the technology stands when it comes to security, cost and elasticity. The problem, according to Bloomberg, is the battle over control.

"IT executives in particular have always been control freaks," Bloomberg wrote. "Our IT environments have been filled with fragile, flaky gear for so long that we figure the only way to run the IT shop is to control everything, grudgingly doling out bits of functionality and information to business users, but only when they ask nicely."

He went on to say that the old mainframe reality has been fading for years and the move to the cloud is inevitable. Because of this, business decision makers need to start looking into the future at all possible options and just just the ones that they have the most control over.

This is where an IT consulting firm that understands business cloud options comes into play. Any company can feel at ease selecting the cloud solution that is best for them, even if it means letting go of some control to a service-run cloud option.

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