Cloud computing ‘leveling the playing field’ for small businesses

Cloud technology has evolved from the new kid on the block to a crucial tool that is revolutionizing business operations and daily tasks. It is one of the few innovations of the last few years that has truly become a "game-changer" for the corporate world.

A recent article from Firmology looked at this topic, but from the standpoint of how it is able to help smaller businesses compete with larger competition with deeper pockets.

"Cloud services are leveling the playing field as smaller organizations no longer have to invest considerable cash towards the purchasing of servers, data center infrastructures and storage devices," the article reads. "The cloud is enabling small business to obtain computing and storage capacity at reduced costs."

The piece goes on to talk about typical problems many small companies face when it comes to having physical servers and workstations, especially if they do not have an internal tech team or individuals that have a strong technology background. Crashes and downtime can be productivity killers. For a small business that relies on one or two servers, losing one can effectively stop workflow and if it is not handled quickly, major problems can evolve. 

While many businesses turn toward the cloud as a way to save money, once it is implemented, they start to experience the benefits of the technology. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses implement cloud computing, any organization can make it simple to deploy the solution.

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