VoIP phone systems ‘overhaul’ unified communication

Business communication is near the top of any company's list of critical tools for success. As technology has evolved, so too have the ways that companies are able to stay in contact with their customers, vendors and coworkers.

A recent article from ITWeb examined the different ways that VoIP technology has "completely overhauled" the way that business communicate. The biggest update has been the addition of unified communication solutions options and the features that go along with it. Now, everything from video conferencing to screen sharing to instant messaging can be incorporated into a single system.

This offers a level of efficiency and flexibility that is vital to business success. Depending on what needs to be communicated, employees have several options at their disposal to connect with a desired second party. Each of these avenues have their benefits.

"Given a choice, many people would find chat a better option than a voice conversation, especially when busy, or on weekends and public holidays, when it seems an enormous effort to pick up the phone and talk to a support engineer," the article reads. "Chat does not require diverting your attention from your PC, where, let's face it, it is probably focused."

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in unified communication solutions, any business can roll out an updated system. Trying to integrate these individual components can be complicated, and outside expertise can become a valuable resource.

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