How a Cloud Phone System Can Help You Boost Revenue


You are probably familiar with the cloud system for your personal computing needs and business data, but a better office phone system using the cloud offers so much more. Businesses are ditching traditional landlines and embracing cloud phone systems. Yes, the benefits of your computer’s cloud are available for your company’s phone system as well. Choosinga better office phone system phone system saves time, money, and helps companies boost revenue.


What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system is delivered through the internet. Just as all of your devices work together in a cloud system, all of a company’s phones and computers work together, including mobile devices. Instead of relying on your local phone service, the business’s phone calls are delivered through the more reliable internet connection. Users can make calls to any phone number, local, domestic and international.


Five Ways a Phone System Boost Revenue?

Key features of cloud-based phone systems are mobility, accessibility and priority.


Calls are prioritized

Users can control when and where calls are answered and to whom calls are directed. Users can ensure specific callers can contact them at all times, at work or home; the phones can ring at multiple locations; and different types of calls can have different routing strategies. Revenue-producing calls are always answered, and outside telemarketing or 1-800 numbers can be sent directly to voicemail.


Call analytics can be used for data mining

Call data is a useful tool for training and business analytics. The type of call, duration, and source of phone calls reveal a lot about effective strategies. Employers and managers can listen in on a call to actively observe the interactions. Supervisors can offer critiques and new stratagems to gain a new client, close a deal, or boost sales tactics.


Calls can be diverted to the appropriate teams and employees

Consumers do not like being transferred back and forth to people who cannot assist them with their needs. Businesses loose clients when consumers feel as if their calls are not important enough to be handled by a capable body. Cloud-based phone systems can permit users to self-direct phone calls, and the methods offer effective tools to handle client calls more efficiently.


Works hand-in-hand with computer software

In addition to making phone calls, you can also conduct virtual video meetings and videoconferencing. Where ever employees, managers, clients and vendors are located, everyone can come together for meetings and collaboration. The company will not have to worry about overhauling the system to maintain effective communication within the company. Each member can come together, regardless of each user’s location. Not only does communication increase, but also more deals can be closed when your company accommodates the needs and time schedule of each individual. Reception professionals can look answer calls, put calls on hold, screen calls, transfer calls, or send and access voicemail with the simple click of the mouse.

Global business calls are more affordable

Stop paying for long distance calls. If you want to go big with your business, do it. Long distance and international calls can be expensive, but cloud-based phone solutions eliminate the costly concern.


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