Cloud systems helping small businesses compete

The physical server seems to be inching closer to the corporate technology graveyard in a plot between the fax machine and the Rolodex. As with those that are already in the ground, this is because of the emergence of a new technology that makes the previous solution an expense waste. In the case of the server, that innovation is the cloud and it is changing that way companies of all sizes operate.

In a recent guest column in Forbes, Gary Peterson spoke about the cloud and how it is effecting small business. He mentioned that for many people, the cloud is used to download apps, music and emails. Others take the next step and stream movies and television shows. However, for small businesses, the cloud is letting companies take advantage of IT infrastructures that were previously only reserved for multi-billion dollar corporations.

"The term Cloud Computing for small business is, simply put, a means to leverage your data assets and artifacts in ways that allow for complete scalability," wrote Peterson. "Data assets and artifacts come in all shapes and sizes – emails, contacts, spreadsheets, financials, invoices, etc."

He added that there is no extra hardware to invest in, software licenses to buy and tech support professionals to bring in. It is giving the smaller dogs in the yard the firepower to compete with the big dogs.

Any business can take advantage of the cloud and put itself on an even playing field with organizations much larger and with deeper resources. The help of an IT consulting firm that is familiar with the ins and outs of the cloud can ensure a proper implementation takes place.

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