Companies need to stay focused on future of technology

It is hard to deny that technology is taking over many aspects of business today. The growth of smartphones and tablets has changed how employees stay connected and high-speed wireless internet has become commonplace in many offices. Companies around the world are paying attention to the latest innovations and looking for ways to incorporate them into daily work flow. There are those organizations out there, however, that are reluctant to invest in these IT tools. Holding fast to that ideal could get them into trouble.

This was the viewpoint of former Secretary of State Colin Powell during his address at the Dreamforce ’12 conference. The event was held to to highlight the “social enterprise” as well as the effects of cloud computing in businesses. During his speech, Powell focused on what he called the “information evolution” and even joked that he was “born analog” and trying to embrace the digital world.

“The potential is there, but you have to have leaders who are comfortable with the technology and not terrified,” Powell said to the Dreamforce ’12 crowd. “These leaders won’t be able to stop it. You can’t stop it. Vladimir Putin can’t stop it and the Middle East leaders can’t stop it.”

He went on to say that it is the responsibility of the individual businesses to ensure they’re caught up with technology, because it will not wait catch up with them.

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, who shared the stage with Powell, said organizations today move too slowly and that by adopting the latest technology, they can improve their responsiveness and transparency. Innovation isn’t going anywhere and businesses that partner with reliable resources like an IT consulting firm, have a better chance of stay ahead of the competition.

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