Tablet computing adoption outpaces electricity

When any new technology starts to take off, there is a feeling that everyone must have it. Watercooler conversation in the workplace revolves around the devices and surprised glances are shot in the direction of those that say they have yet to purchase one. This is happening now in the tablet computing industry as devices like the iPad are showing up in every avenue of life.

According to a new infographic from, there is a tablet takeover happening and it’s occurring at a highly abnormal rate. For a market that didn’t even exist until April 2010, when Apple launched the original iPad, tablet computer adoption has boomed. In that time, the devices have taken hold in three out of four American enterprises and 1 million iPads have been purchased by schools and colleges.

Tablets are also taking away from the use of other technologies. According to the infographic, consumers are using tablets for more gaming and reading and could outpace sales of PCs by 2016.

In 18 months, tablets have found their way into 11 percent of homes in America. To give some perspective as to how impressive the tablet market growth has been, compared it to other innovations, and how long it took them to reach the same percentage. Smartphones took about seven years to reach that level, the home telephone reached it after 25 years and electricity finally hit it after 30 years.

The rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices can be linked to the increase in tablet sales. These devices can improve communication, access to critical information and workflow. Companies in Ohio that have BYOD policies or are looking to invest in one because of new technology would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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