Deploying VoIP for the recruitment industry

Throughout this blog, many different industries have been featured that require a next level communications infrastructure in order to provide the appropriate standards of service to their core demographic.

While healthcare, religious, consulting and many other different types of companies have been showcased through this blog, the recruitment industry certainly requires an integrated business phone system that can handle high volumes of calls on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Take for example Reed Recruitment – a global job placement firm with offices in 13 different countries and more than 2,500 employees – that, until recently, had been operating with 270 different telephony systems, according to an article published by ComputerWorld.

In order to streamline processes and maximize employee productivity and collaboration, company officials decided to invest in an IP-based telephony platform that puts all of those formerly disjointed systems under one umbrella with one service provider. So far, the program has been rolled out to 10 different locations.

After making this investment, employees from the C-level suite down to the entry level are expected to be better positioned to focus on core business processes rather than worry about technical maintenance.

"We believe the current network monitoring model is broken, with too much emphasis on simply meeting technical criteria," Sean Whetstone, the head of Reed's IT services department told the news source. "So instead of monitoring in terms of latency, jitter and packet loss, we wanted to ensure the health of our business applications could be measured and alerted based on the end user's experience."

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