A look at Shoretel’s new Remote Monitoring software

Modern technological innovation in industries such as business phone systems and unified communications is allowing business users in a wide variety of fields to streamline their core processes and simplify daily operations. For example, formerly disjointed systems can now be integrated under one umbrella platform with one service provider, maximizing employee collaboration and productivity.

However, while these innovations have laid the framework for time, energy and fiscal savings, there are few things more bothersome to an enterprise official than dealing with a technical malfunction. Moreover, should a company not have the in-house IT staff to quickly troubleshoot any tech issues that arise, it could be left with significant service disruptions that damage the integrity of the business.

In order to prevent the likelihood of a technical malfunction standing in the way of normal business processes, Shoretel – a provider of cloud-based technologies – recently announced the availability of a new solution called Remote Monitoring.

When a client procures Remote Monitoring, the software will automatically keep tabs on the Shoretel products on a customer's premises to isolate any errors that may occur right when they happen. As such, the average time that it takes for a repair to transpire is diminished as the client's service provider of choice will be notified immediately after a problem arises, further allowing officials to focus on their core processes rather than worrying about IT maintenance.

"The great thing about this service is that it moves support and problem response out in front of the end-user experience," said Don Joos of ShoreTel in a press release. "System events and notifications can provide information for action before an end user experiences any problem. With this service it is possible to fix issues before they are even noticed."

Companies in Ohio interested in securing Remote Monitoring for their business would be best advised to partner with a Cincinatti IT consulting firm that serves as an authorized reseller of Shoretel products and that can provide around the clock product implementation, maintenance and support.

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