Executive talks importance of unified communications

Bringing workplace communications together is a concern for many businesses. As the use of mobile devices grows and cloud options become more prevalent, keeping a workforce connected is an ever increasing challenge.

In a guest writing spot for Forbes, Ray Dolan, the CEO of a communications equipment provider, spoke on the importance of unified communications and how close the industry is to being completely connected.

According to Dolan, having a common link to bring everyone together is a key step that will give companies an advantage by making faster, better decisions and be more competitive.

Dolan points out that the very tools that are helping companies stay more connected like mobile phones, email, text messaging and video conferencing are also making things more complex. With multiple voicemails, email accounts, phone numbers, messaging options and social media channels to interact with, if a message doesn't receive an instant response, employees just move to the next option.

"Layer on top of this complexity the compliance requirements that every industry sector must adhere to, and you can see why CIOs are increasingly seeking a new way to cope with this fragmented approach to unify today’s un-Unified Communications," Dolan wrote. "There is a better way and it is emerging quickly."

Dolan went on to speculate that the VoIP services and cloud based options would be the first steps that many companies will be taking when they start the transition to a unified communication approach.

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