Facebook expands VoIP rollout to U.S.

Earlier this month, this blog covered the recent integration of a VoIP option to Facebook’s popular messenger application. The new free calling feature – minus data usage fees – was rolled out for iPhone users in Canada. Now, the company has announced that the feature is available for consumers in the U.S.

The new addition allows users of Facebook’s iOS messenger application to click a button within the program and connect with friends for a phone call over the internet. It is a another notch in the belt of VoIP phone systems as the potential future of voice communication.

“If Facebook is able to deliver this capability on all major mobile platforms and allows its users at some point to call to any phone number – landline, mobile or otherwise – then the world’s largest social media platform could easily become the world’s largest wireless provider,” Andreas Scherer, managing partner at Salto Partners, told MacNewsWorld. “Current carriers would be marginalized by simply delivering the bandwidth to enable a user experience that is created, enhanced and owned by Facebook.”

Some experts believe this may only be a first step into improving the communication option of messenger. Whether it is the inclusion of a full video chat system or charging members for value-add features, Facebook’s foray into the VoIP market may not be over.

While businesses may not get much out of using the beta version of the social media site’s VoIP phone system, it does show that the solution is becoming a more popular choice for consumers. Companies that are looking to take advantage of the cost saving phone system would be wise to partner with an IT consultant that has experience with VoIP.

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