How an IT partner with email solutions can protect a company in a dangerous digital landscape

The integrity of corporate-level data is becoming increasingly difficult to secure. While in past years a criminal would need to infiltrate a physical building and get past locks and alarms in order to accrue private business documents, the migration to the internet is making this process exponentially easier.

With more and more business processes relying on digital software and applications, savvy IT criminals have adapted strategies to lower digital security firewalls and gain illicit access to a wide variety of enterprise-grade information with nothing but a computer.

Considering how integral data security is to any business' reputation and overall well being, it would be wise for Ohio-based corporate officials in any industry to address sources of malicious activity with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm.

For example, according to the Websense 2012 Threat Report – undertaken to generate awareness surrounding trending IT security themes – 74 percent of emails are reported to be spam. However, while many spam bots are working effectively, 92 percent of spam emails contain a URL that, if clicked, could plant a virus into the associated device or network.

In response, Ohio businesses require an IT partner that can provide sophisticated email solutions with innovative spam and virus filtering based on both content and attachments. The best of these services can offer email solutions without forcing a client to invest in bulky, expensive hardware.

Additionally, these professionals often provide spam management reports so business officials understand how they were threatened in the past to enhance specific security measures appropriately.

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