Looking at the long term gains of VoIP implementation

Although many enterprises understand that IP-based communication systems such as Voice over IP (VoIP) have a series of benefits over legacy phones, making the transition can be a daunting task. Officials may be turned off by a foreign infrastructure, and be wary of the up front costs associated with implementing a new communications platform.

However, it is important for businesses to understand that they must look past the fears of an initial investment and embrace all the time, energy and fiscal savings that VoIP provides in the long run.

Unlike a legacy phone system that operates by establishing a constant connection between two parties, VoIP business phones send compressed packets of information via the internet to the ultimate destination at which those packets are decompressed and reconverted into voice for the other party to process.

Consequently, while a legacy system could tally up significant long distance charges with a rigid, constant connection, VoIP minimizes those charges with one monthly bill from a service provider regardless of where the call is routed or how long it is. While successful connection may require additional bandwidth, data services providers can work with a company to develop a program matched to its specific needs.

Moreover, with VoIP, new phone lines never need to be added. Consequently, as business grows into new locations, employees dispersed all over the world can use the same IP-based phone network and route those calls to any mobile device affording great flexibility in addition to time and travel savings.

But, while many might immediately seek out big corporations to implement a VoIP platform, a recent IT World article warned that, "Local VoIP suppliers sometimes beat the prices of the big guys, so take time to shop around in your area."

Consequently, businesses in Ohio looking to invest in a VoIP system that will generate long term savings would be best advised to partner with a local Cincinnati phone company for consultation, product implementation and around the clock support.

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